Aloo: Potatoes


Bhoonofy: Frying, stirring occasionally, until all the water evaporates and the oil runs clear, accompanied by a ‘roasted’ aroma.


Chaat: A savory snack.

Cholay/chanay: Chickpeas

Chatni: Sauce


Dahi barey: Dumplings made with ivory white lentils and served in a yogurt sauce.

Desi: Slang, for the people, and everything related to the people of the Indian sub-continent and their diaspora.


Gobi: Cauliflower


Haleem: A dish made with a combination of pulses and rice.

Halwa: A dessert, usually made by stir frying the main ingredient in oil and sugar. Nuts and milk may also be added.

Hifz: Memorization of the Holy Quran in Arabic.


Imli: Tamarind


Karahi: A thick, wok shaped cooking pot.

Khatam: Occasion marking the completion of the reading of the Quran for the first time by a child. Also refers to an occasion when any number of people get together to finish reading the Quran in one sitting.

Kheer: A dessert similar to rice pudding.


Masala: Mixture of spices.

Milaad: Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) marked by gatherings where stories from his life are narrated and poetry is recited.

Mithai: Traditional South-Asian confection.

Mash Daal: Ivory white lentils.


Nihari: A kind of thick, spicy beef stew.


Palak: Spinach

Paey: Trotters

Poori: A light, puffy flatbread made by deep frying dough.


Shahi tukray: A dessert made by frying bread and soaking it in a milk custard.


Tandoori: Made in a traditional clay oven, a tandoor.

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  1. Atiya Shah
    Atiya Shah / 10-4-2012 / ·

    The poetry on such occasions is in the form of poems called Na’ats that extol the virtues of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).
    They are melodically recited.

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