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hajjmainHajj season is here! Ramadan is behind us and for all the people who are planning to go for hajj this year, final preparations will be underway. My husband and I had the very good fortune of performing Hajj in Oct-Nov, 2011. Just as all the final details were being worked out, I decided it’s probably time to learn a bit about it. Of course we had studied a whole chapter on hajj in O Levels, but it seemed like Islamiyat in school was too much memorization and not enough understanding and as a result, that chapter went completely over my head. I had no idea what hajj was about and words like ‘miqaat’ and ‘Muzdalifa’ sent me into a panic.

So, of course, the first thing I did was googled it. And while people write and share about everything, good resources for Muslims are few and far between. I wanted details, analysis, problems hajis encountered, pictures and maps so that I would be able to form some kind of a visual in my head. I could never memorize it because I couldn’t visualize it. So, here, iA, I will try to make the kind of guide to hajj that I looked for but couldn’t find.

Following are the topics that I will cover:

I’ve tried to break the whole experience into small parts so that it’s easier to take in and you can go through it bit by bit at your own pace.

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Now, let’s start > Should I go for hajj?

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