How will I know if my hajj was accepted by Allah?

This question crosses every haji’s mind. After going through this experience, that is still the most important consideration. There are two things to consider here. The first is, what was your attitude during hajj? And the second is, what is your attitude after it?

You will probably not get everything you were promised during hajj. Things can go horribly wrong, and you may not get all the services that you paid for. Ask yourself again:

What is the single most important purpose of my trip?

You are there to perform hajj. As long as you are doing that, do not get upset over the AC not working, the bus breaking down or the food being late. Tell yourself, I am here to perform hajj, and as long as I am doing that, this trip is worth it! You are not paying for those conveniences. You are paying for hajj!!!

Secondly, as our (awesome) group leader, Sheikh Kifah told us, that the real hajj starts after you have completed hajj. If you have changed for the better then you know your hajj has been accepted. But if you continue on the path that you were on before hajj, and doing it made no difference in your life, then perhaps it is time to rethink the direction that you are going in.

So, that was hajj! Please feel free to contact me for questions or comments. I hope your hajj experience is wonderful, fulfilling and life changing. And if any part of this guide was useful to you then please remember to pray for me and my loved ones when you’re there! Read on for the next post on Madina.